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Our Services

Hong Fook Service Compass

At the centre of the compass is the foundation of our service framework – a whole person view. We consider all aspects of a person – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – in the design of our programs and services. We recognize and address many social, economic, cultural, political and other environmental factors that affect the health and well-being of the individual.

Around this foundation, in the inner circle of the compass, are the core values that shape our service development, program design and service approaches. Our Continuum of Services focuses on IPEACE value, which are innovative, person-centred, equitable, accountable, culturally competent, empowered.

Our Continuum of Services is shown in the second circle of the compass. The array of programs and services range from promotion of wellness to intervention of illness. Individuals may enter our programs at any point, and flow from one program to another. Our overall goal is to move beyond provision of “piecemeal solutions” by building the capacities of individuals and communities to promote and sustain wellness.

The Continuum of Services also aims to make access to services easier and promote service continuity. It allows room for individuals to access services according to their diverse needs, and it accommodates new referrals. It also makes it easier to provide alternative support for individuals waiting for particular services.

Direction and Goals

  • Take the mental health journey together
  • Support youth at transition
  • Promote positive mental health

We work towards the goals of our programs and services, shown on the four points of the compass:

  • promoting wellness through capacity building
  • facilitating recovery that is meaningful to the individual
  • providing equitable access to health resources
  • assuring quality care in service development and delivery

We build in outcome measurement processes to evaluate our success. We strive towards client and staff safety. We are committed to reflective practice and ongoing education. We are willing to accept challenges and make changes as we continue to learn and move forward.