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External Complaints Policy and Procedure


Complaints, concerns and feedback are important elements in Hong Fook Mental Health Association’s (Hong Fook) quality, risk management and safety measures, allowing Hong Fook to respond to client and family needs, effect continuous quality service improvement, and preserve and enhance its reputation.

Complaints may be received by or reported to Hong Fook staff, student, consultant or volunteer in writing or verbally. On receipt of an issue/complaint/concern by an external individual, Hong Fook staff, student, consultant or volunteer receiving the complaint will notify their supervisor, Team Lead, Manager, Senior Manager or designate.

In the interests of all parties, Hong Fook will make every reasonable effort to initiate a follow-up of a complaint within 48 - 72 hours  upon receiving the complaint and to investigate and respond wherever possible within 10 working days to all concerns, complaints, or issues. (Follow up reports may be required depending on the investigation and action required). However, all responses must be made no later than sixty (60) days, in accordance with the specific provisions of the legislation mentioned above, as set out below:

  • Complaints regarding the quality of a mental health services provided or arranged for, or complaints regarding an alleged violation of Hong Fook’s Bill of Rights. Hong Fook shall review the complaint and respond to the person who made the complaint within sixty (60) days after a complaint is made.
  • Complaints about decisions regarding eligibility to receive a particular mental health service, to exclude a particular mental health service, respecting the amount of any particular mental health service, or to terminate the provision of mental health services to the person. Hong Fook will provide written notice to the person to whom the decision relates within sixty (60) days. If the person to whom the decision relates is mentally incapable, the person who is lawfully authorized to make a decision on his or her behalf will:
    1. Affirm the decision and give a written notice of the affirmation;
    2. Rescind the decision and give a written notice of the rescission; or
    3. Rescind the decision, substitute a new decision in its place and give a copy of the new decision to the persons referred to above.

To access the full policy and procedure including the purpose, the scope and application of this policy, the definition of complaints and feedback, Conflict of Interest, the principles and procedural fairness, the detailed procedures on investigation, reporting, tracking, appeals, file retention and disposal, and the roles and responsibilities, please visit or contact your Mental Health Worker, Program Worker or Case Manager.

Updated and approved March 2020