Integrated Community Program

1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime.

Mental illness affects people of all ages, cultures, education and income levels.

It can be your family, friends, co-workers or yourself. Let’s take action together for a better mental health. 

The overall goal of the Integrated Community Program is to build community capacity through empowering individuals with the knowledge of mental health and resources so that they can play a more active role when it comes to their mental health. Our programs aim to build community capacity by providing accurate information to reduce stigma, by advocating equal access to mental health services, and by encouraging community participation.

Based on an empowerment and capacity building approach, our Integrated Community Program delivers:

  • Community Engagement – to develop capacity through training and developing volunteers; involving community individuals in program planning and development through the Community Advisory Committee; collaborating and coordinating with other ethno-specific community agencies
  • Educational Activities – to facilitate participants’ understanding of holistic health and mental illness; to strengthen their emotion management abilities and problem solving skills; to increase their knowledge regarding family issues, parenting, identity and inter-generational relationships
  • Educational Materials – to develop and produce information related to holistic health, mental well-being and mental illness in a linguistic and culturally appropriate format to reduce language and cultural barriers to accurate information for the target communities
  • Workshops and Groups – to teach clients and their families stress management skills; to promote personal growth; to foster self-reflection, self-care, and self-love with a focus on promoting mental wellness
  • Mass Promotional Activities – to reduce stigma on mental illness by drawing the public’s attention to mental health and to enhance their understanding of mental illness through seminars, research publications, and community gatherings
  • Joint Outdoor Activities – to promote mental health awareness and reduce stigma through community-wide and large scale activities for clients, family members and the public
  • Media Campaign – to raise mental health awareness, to enhance acceptance of mental illness, and to promote wellness in a broader life context in all the diverse communities we serve
  • Special Projects – to address emerging community needs and to develop strategies to meet such needs

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