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Client Stories

Client Stories

Taking the mental health journey together is key; you are never alone in your battle as there are many who are willing to support you on your journey to mental health wellness.

During Hong Fook’s 35th anniversary celebration, we have completed an Anniversary Book “Our Stories”, which is an extensive resource book for our clients, family members, volunteers, service partners and health care providers. The book contains 15 client stories, in both English and the languages Hong Fook serves in, the summary of the two Needs Assessment Studies Hong Fook conducted in the past few years, interviews of the psychiatrists working closely with Hong Fook, and messages from our Association President, Foundation Chair, and Executive Director.  We hope this vast ranging content will guide you and others to take the mental health journey with us, moving from recovery to wellness. For the full book, please download here

Hong Fook also works closely with media partners to raise awareness and reduce stigma against mental illness in the communities. One of our partners, Minds Matter publishes the monthly magazine focusing on mental health. And you could access from here

Cancerous Mental Health

A cancer survivor’s battle with depression and her journey to recover.

War and Trauma

A refugee’s struggle to find a new life and her journey to find hope.

Academics Aren’t Everything

A youth’s difficulties with academic pressures and her journey to self-encouragement.

Turning Point to Regain Happiness

A client’s family losses and their journey to self-love.

Running out of Gas

An unemployed client’s call for help and his journey to find self-confidence.

Disconnect and Reconnect

A youth’s difficulties with academic pressures and her journey to self-encouragement.