Hong Fook, together with Ontario Chinese Health Coalition, continued the Vote for Health campaign towards the municipal election with a more client-focused approach. The team has developed an infographic sheet to Chinese voters and candidates, to address social factors related to health and mental health.

A multi-riding All Candidates Meet and Greet was hosted on September 29, at Carefirst Seniors and Community Services Centre with over 100 participants including 16 local and regional candidates from Toronto, Markham and Richmond Hill. The Meet and Greet facilitated in-depth dialogue between members of the Chinese community and candidates from ridings with higher concentration of Chinese residents.

The event started with individual constituents sharing their personal experiences on issues of their concerns which were mainly problems related to public transportation, affordable housing, community safety, food safety and security. More in-depth dialogue between constituents and candidates happened at the lunch tables where they could freely exchange concerns, opinions and suggestions. Finally, candidates had a chance to share their views and responses regarding the sharings and policy asks.