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2021-Hong Fook Awarded Accreditation Primer Status


July 22, 2021-Hong Fook Awarded Accreditation Primer Status


We are very proud to announce that Hong Fook has been awarded its first accreditation from Accreditation Canada on July 22, 2021. We have received the official report of result with 100% of the primer standards met and was awarded the Primer Status. It would not have been possible without the continuous dedication, hard work and support from our board, committees, staff, clients, family members, volunteers and community partners who work tirelessly to champion culturally competent metal health care.


We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to Christel Galea, our Accreditation Consultant, for her guidance and advice throughout the accreditation process, and to Hong Fook Mental Health Foundation for their generous support.


Through this journey started since June 2018:

  1. 45+ policies and procedures were reviewed and revised to match our current practice and meet the quality standards, 15+ new policies and procedures were developed to fill in the gaps identified against the accreditation primer standards;
  2. a board-led Accreditation Committee was established to accelerate the policy and procedure review process and provide recommendations to the Board for formal approval;
  3. all Hong Fook staff have been involved in policies and procedures review and trainings;
  4. four board members, 34 staff, 9 clients and 10 community partners participated virtual/onsite interviews covering areas including:
  • Leadership
  • Program Planning & Design
  • Integrated Quality Management
  • Principle-based Care & Decision Making
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Medication Management
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Human Capital
  • Physical Environment
  • Episode of Care


The team now is looking forward to the next step of Accreditation journey – Qmentum.