Disclaimer: Hong Fook Mental Health Association (HFMHA) curated the following resources through various channels including three levels of governments and community organizations. We will continue to update the list but there is no guarantee. HFMHA does not endorse any of the organizations. We have done screening on the credibility of these resources; however, HFMHA will not be responsible for credibility of all information provided.

Please use the following resources at your own discretion.

Mental Wellness during COVID 19 pandemic

Resources include stress management, coping strategies, etc

English Resources

Chinese Resources – COVID19心理健康中文資訊

Korean Resources – COVI19 정신 건강한국 자원

Vietnamese Resources –  COVID19 Sức khỏe tinh thần Tài nguyên tiếng việt


Holistic Health Tips/Exercises

Resources include leisure activities, physical activities, nutrition, etc

English Resources

Chinese Resources 身心健康中文資訊 – 包括康樂活動, 運動 (瑜伽,太極等), 營養等等。

Korean Resources 한국 자원 – 레크리에이션 활동, 스포츠 (요가, 태극권 등), 영양 등 포함

Vietnamese Resources Tài nguyên tiếng việt – Bao gồm các hoạt động giải trí, thể thao (yoga, thái cực quyền, v.v.), dinh dưỡng.


General info and Financial Subsidies for COVID – 19

Resources include general situation updates on COVID -19, health information about COVID – 19, and Employment Insurance, Canadian Emergency Response Benefits, etc

English Resources

Chinese Resources – COVDI 19 政府補助中文資訊

Korean Resources – COVID 19 정부 보조금한국 자원

Vietnamese Resources – COVID 19 Trợ cấp của chính phủ Tài nguyên tiếng việt


Resources for Parents, Children and Youth

Resources include parenting tips, activities for children and youth, online classess

English Resources

Chinese Resources 給家長,孩子和青少年的COVID 19中文資訊

Korean Resources COVID -19 한국 자원 – 부모, 자녀 및 십대

Vietnamese Resources COVID – 19 Tài nguyên tiếng việt  - Cha mẹ, trẻ em và thiếu niên