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How to Support

The Foundation supports highly demanded, yet under-funded programs and services, aiming to transform stigma, improve timely service access, and embrace changes and healing. With the funding raised, we are able to support:

In 2022-2023

  • 34 Peer Supporters were provided with honorarium-based placement, which supported them to improve their leadership skills, become better positioned for meaningful employment, and facilitate the recovery journey of 380 peers;
  • 42 Wellness Seminars on holistic health topics were delivered to a total audience of 2,053, and generated 2,664 views on Hong Fook’s YouTube channel;
  • 565 professionals with educational institutions and corporations completed trainings on Cultural Competency, Workplace Wellness, and Mental Health First Aid;
  • 176 youth found a safe space to connect with a mental health professional and gained concrete coping strategies for their mental health through 587 sessions of Brief Counselling service in Toronto and York Region.

Please find more information in our Annual Report. You can also read the impact stories below and draw from their experiences. There is much more Hong Fook could do to create a multicultural community that understands mental health and accepts mental illness. We need you to take this mental health journey together with us through donating now.

Cancerous Mental Health

A cancer survivor’s battle with depression and her journey to recover.

Disconnect and Reconnect

A youth’s attempts at suicide and her journey to overcome.

Two Jobs as a Single Mother

A mother’s personal neglect and her journey to understand her needs.

A Culminating Amount of Work

A worker’s exhaustion and his journey to create a healthy balance.