About Us

Mission Statement

The clinic shall provide culturally competent and socially inclusive primary health care services with a focus on mental health through collaborative services, education, advocacy and research.



Equitable access to primary health care.



Responsive: We will be responsive to our clients’ needs to ensure that from the initial point of contact, to service delivery and to follow-up, services are performed within an established timeline.

Accessible: We will ensure that access to the clinic’s inter-professional team of care, whether sought by a new or existing client, will reach the most appropriate provider

Accountable: Each of our staff members will deliver client-oriented service and be accountable for quality service received by our clients.

Collaborative: We will take a collaborative approach to care by working with partners to ensure integrated physical and mental health services are provided in an equitable and culturally competent manner.

Integrated: Our services will be integrated to ensure clients can interact with our range of services in an efficient and effective manner.

Innovative: We will continue to evolve our service delivery model, using and developing leading practices in culturally competent community health models through our research and education partnerships.


Philosophy of Care



Our Team

Our team consists of dedicated and committed medical professionals that serve to ensure the highest quality of health care is provided to you and your family. We have a range of culturally and linguistically experienced staff to assist you from:

• Nurse Practitioners
• Registered Nurses
• Registered Dietitian
• Registered Social Worker
• Health Promoter
• Collaborating Physicians, including General Practitioners, Psychiatrists and Pediatrician
• Administrative Assistants and Support Staff

Annual Report

2019-2020 Annual Report
2018-2019 Annual Report
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