June 3, 2020


Dear HF Connecting Health Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic Patients,



On June 1, 2020, the Premier announced that the declaration of the emergency order has extended till June 30, 2020.



In these challenging times, we would like to assure that your health and safety, as well as that of our healthcare providers and staff remain our top priority. HF’s management team is continuously monitoring and responding to Public Health and Ministry of Health directions related to COVID-19 pandemic.

在這個艱難的時候,確保您以及我們的醫療保健提供者和員工的健康和安全始終是我們的重中之重。 安保診所的管理團隊一直在監控和響應公共衛生和衛生部有關新型冠状病毒感染COVID-19流行所做的指示。


Health and Safety


As part of our COVID-19 response plan, we are implementing the following measures at our clinic:


  • Screening– all patients and guests will be screened before entering the clinic. You won’t be able to enter if you’ve travelled outside Canada in the past 14 days or had exposure to anyone positive for COVID-19.    篩查-在進入診所之前,將對所有患者和客人進行篩查。如果您過去14天曾在加拿大境外旅行,或者接觸過新型冠状病毒感染COVID-19陽性的患者,則將無法進入診所。


  • Booking for an appointment– each patient will receive phone screening before booking their appointment 預約-每個患者在預約之前都必須經過電話篩檢


  • Visit COVID-19 Assessment Center(can visit Scarborough Health Network- Birchmount or Centenary Site) patients who has mild symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection (cough, sore throat, headache, muscle aches, fatigue, runny nose, and joint aches, and may also include nausea, diarrhea and stomach pains); and any of the following:

前往新型冠状病毒感染COVID-19評估中心- (可以前往士嘉堡醫療網絡, Birchmount 或 Centenary 分院) 輕度上呼吸道感染症狀(咳嗽,喉嚨痛,頭痛,肌肉酸痛,疲勞,流鼻涕和關節酸痛,還可能包括噁心,腹瀉和胃痛)的患者;以及以下任何一項:


  • Fever of 38°C or higher 發燒38°C或更高


  • Underlying health condition(s) of concern. Includes: cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, cerebrovascular disease (e.g. previous stroke), hypertension, diabetes, cancer, immunosuppression, current smoking 基本健康狀況, 包括:心血管疾病,慢性肺部疾病,腦血管疾病(例如以前曾經中風),高血壓,糖尿病,癌症,免疫抑制疾病,吸煙者
  • Age 60 years or older 60歲以上


  • Telehealth Ontario– people who are unsure or directed by our staff. 1-866-797-0000    安大略遠程醫療-不確定者或由我們的員工指示的人 1-866-797-0000


  • Cleaning– the building property management has implemented more frequent and enhanced disinfectant cleaning. Everyone entering the clinic will be asked to use the hand sanitizers provided 清潔-建築物業管理實施了更頻繁和更強的消毒劑清潔設施。進入診所的每個人都必須使用提供的洗手液消毒


  • Social distancing– we won’t be shaking hands and we’ll be keeping 2 meter of distance, other than necessary physical exams. We’ll be reducing the number of people in the clinic waiting area. 社交疏遠-除了必要的身體檢查外,我們不會握手,並且保持2米的距離。我們將減少診所候診區的人數
  • Change of Clinic Hours of Operation

As of March 23 to December 30th, our clinic hours will be:

Monday to Friday: 8:00a.m. -4:00p.m.

  • 診所的營業時間有所更改:

週一至週五:上午8:00 – 下午4:00 。


Patient care

  • Our clinic providers are ready to provide telephone consultations effective on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 for your healthcare needs during COVID-19 pandemic. 我們的診所準備在2020年3月17日星期二開始提供電話諮詢,以滿足您在新型冠状病毒感染COVID-19大流行期間的醫療保健需求


  • This service is also suited for those wishing for some social distancing and preferring to stay at home during current pandemic. Whenever appropriate our providers may, based on individual clinical circumstances, also provide suitable consultations on the phone. 此服務也適合那些希望與社會大眾保持距離並在當前大流行期間待在家裡的人。只要有適當的情況,我們的提供者可能會根據個人的臨床情況,通過電話提供適當的諮詢。


  • Please phone and make an appointment the way as usual. If and only if your appointment type is suitable for telephone consultation, we will provide you the time and date that your provider is ready to call you. 請像往常一樣打電話預約。當且僅當您的約會類型適合進行電話諮詢時,我們才會為您提供醫療保健提供者可以致電給您的時間和日期。


  • If you’re in a higher risk group (see below) for COVID-related illness, you are likely to be suitable for telephone consultation. 如果您屬於新型冠状病毒感染COVID相關疾病的高危人群(見下文),則可能適合進行電話諮詢。


  • In general, if you are not coming in to the clinic, don’t cancel your appointment. Instead, please let us know and we will conduct your visit remotely-by phone 一般來說,如果您不打算到診所,請不要取消預約。但請通知診所,我們將通過電話進行遠程諮詢


  • Please note that there are limitations to this telephone consultation service. For example, we cannot do insurance or government forms, perform procedures, give injections, do physical auscultation and examination of body parts, lumps or bumps, etc  請注意,電話諮詢服務將會有所限制。例如,我們不能填保險或政府表格,執行醫療程序,進行注射,聽診和檢查身體部位,腫塊等。


  • Social Worker, Dietitian and Health Promoter will be provided most of your booked appointments remotely until September 7th, 2020 社工,營養師和健康宣導者將會盡可能為大部分顧客提供遠程諮詢,直至2020年9月7日


Higher risk individuals include:


  • People > 60 years of age 60歲以上
  • People with cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, cerebrovascular disease (e.g. previous stroke), hypertension, diabetes, cancer, immunosuppression, current smoking. 患有心血管疾病,慢性肺部疾病,腦血管疾病(例如以前曾經中風),高血壓,糖尿病,癌症,免疫抑制疾病, 吸煙者

We urge you NOT to change any of your medications without discussing it with your nurse practitioner first. 我們建議您在未與您的執業護士討論之前不要更改任何藥物


We are grateful for your patience and understanding of these precautions. We’ll also continue to provide you with updates of any public health measures that will affect your care at HFCHNPLC. 感謝您的耐心配合和對這些注意事項的理解。我們還將繼續為您提供任何會影響您就診的公共衛生措施最新信息

If you do need to contact us, please call 416-479-7600.




Yours Sincerely,



Bonnie Wong, M.S.W., R.S.W.

Executive Director

HF Connecting Health Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic