Youth and Family Program

To many youth, Hong Fook is a safe space to voice academic stressors and settlement challenges.

To many youth, Hong Fook staff is a reliable mentor guiding through communication skills with peers, teachers and parents.

Are you 12+ and looking for a one-on-one support or a youth group to mingle with?

Hong Fook’s Youth and Family Program aims at promoting the resiliency of East Asian youth (ages 11-21) and their family members and caregivers. Our programs are developed and delivered under the four themes, which are (1) enhancing youth emotional and social competency, (2) strengthening families, (3) cultivating leadership, social connectedness and mutual aids, and (4) raising mental health awareness and facilitating service navigation.

All the programs are delivered at the Hong Fook Youth and Family Hub in both Toronto and York Region. The Hub is a resilience-focused, structured service model developed based on Hong Fook’s existing in-demand youth programs, with new components and expansions to better meet the community needs and align to Hong Fook’s Youth Strategy.

The programs include:

  • Engaging Youth: Youth Drop-In (For ages 11-15), Mixed Media Drop-In (For high school students)
  • Building Resiliency: Amazing YOUth (For ages 11-15), CHOICES (For ages 12-18)
  • Building Leadership: Youth Advisory Committee (For high school students)
  • Supporting Youth with Transitional Challenges: YOU-Thrive (For ages 11-18)
  • Supporting Parents: Raising Amazing YOUth (For parents with youth)
  • Facilitating Service Navigation: Youth Outreach Worker (For ages 12-21)

For more information, please contact Youth Program Worker 416-493-4242 X 2246 or Youth Outreach Worker at 416-493-4242 X 5281.