Asian Community Psychiatric Clinic (Partnership)

Asian Community Psychiatric Clinic

Hong Fook partners with a group of bicultural psychiatrists to facilitate access to psychiatric assessment, treatment, injection services, case management and related supportive services. Outside the City of Toronto, services can be provided through teleconferencing and videoconferencing facilities via the Ontario Telemedicine Network system.

The Asian Community Psychiatric Clinic (Asian Clinic) focuses its resources on the provision of ethno-specific assessment and consultation of clients in the East and Southeast Asian communities (Cambodian, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese). Program consultations are also offered to agencies serving these populations.

A Registered Nurse from Hong Fook provides injection services and nursing consultations to Asian Clinic clients at delegation of the psychiatrists.

The Intake Worker coordinates the screening of all referrals to the Asian Clinic and provides information and referral to community services as need.

Referral procedure for seeing a psychiatrist at the Asian Clinic:

  1. Referring General Practitioner (GP) contacts Hong Fook at 416-493-4242, and completes a referral form (download here).
  2. An Intake Worker conducts a screening interview with the client.
  3. An administrative staff books the first appointment and informs the referring GP of the appointment date. Referring GP will in turn notify his/her patient about the appointment date.
  4. Follow-up appointment will be offered to the client directly by the Asian Clinic psychiatrist.