Your Impact

The Foundation supports highly demanded, yet under-funded programs and services, aiming to transform stigma, improve timely service access, and embrace changes and healing. With the funding raised, we are able to support:

In 2017-2018:

  • 18,229 participants and community members were reached out through 438 sessions and events.
  • 128 more clients accessed the Clinical Services compared with previous financial year, due to the expedited Intake Services and reduced wait times.
  • 37 peer leaders with lived experience were empowered through Self Help Leaders in Training Program.
  • 287 youth either received one-on-one support or involved in group sessions through Youth Programs.
  • 185 family members and caregivers were provided with support and resources.

There is much more Hong Fook could do to create a multicultural community that understands mental health and accepts mental illness. We need you to take this mental health journey together with us through donating today.

Click below to read some of the clients who have shared their stories in hopes of helping others on their journey. Mental health illness can affect anyone, but one does not have to be alone in this fight.  Together, we can help them and their loved ones to face mental health issues. Your donation directly enhances the programs that so many, like these clients, have benefited from.

Read these impact stories and draw from their experiences.  Know that you have help right here at Hong Fook as we are here to support you in “Taking the Mental Health Journey Together”.

Cancerous Mental Health
Woman holding senior woman's hand

a cancer survivor’s battle with depression and her journey to recover

Two Jobs as a Single Mother
people engaging in outdoor activities

a mother’s personal neglect and her journey to understand her needs

Disconnect and Reconnect
woman talks in group therapy

a youth’s attempts at suicide and her journey to overcome

A Culminating Amount of Work
workers talking together

a worker’s exhaustion and his journey to create a healthy balance